This policy protects clients beyond CIPF limits, up to a maximum of CAD $ 9 million per client, per account, and is subject to the maximum guarantee limits determined by Questrade. The Metatrader 4 platform offer all tools for automated trading strategies via the MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) or you can create your own Automated Trading System using MQL4. If you’d like you can send us your cardholder agreement and we can have a go at reviewing it ourselves. If you don’t have the cardholder agreement, you can give us the name of the issuer (on the back of the card) and the name of the card and we should be able to find the cardholder agreement. Also please send the date on which the transaction was posted and made. That will allow us to determine what the issuer committed to charging you in the first place, and what you ought to have been charged that day.

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questrade forex

I have Scotia’s Visa Infinite – a recent foreign-exchange transaction shows a 2.4% difference between the originally-billed amount and the refunded amount the next day. The foreign currency in which the purchase/refund was made did not fluctuate by that much overnight – I checked. Note that your bank may only post their non-cash questrade forex rate (for example, what you’d get if you cashed a cheque) on their online converter, which is more favourable than their cash rate. Cash rates include shipping and handling charges, while non-cash rates do not. Make sure the rate you’re given is the correct cash rate before you commit to purchasing cash currency.

FX Global is Questrade’s web-based platform that allows you to do so. Trade currency or energy futures at the click of a button. There is only so much real estate you have to work with on a mobile screen, and Questrade makes the most of it. Things like transferring funds, exercising an option or viewing an account statement are only a few clicks away. Installation is extremely easy, simply head to your Questrade account and select the accounts dropdown menu and click “other platforms”.

Any other currency outside of USD, Euros, GBP, Austrailian Dollars, or Mexican Pesos, will be converted first to USD, then to CAD. Just my thoughts and opinion but for now this card has my vote for anything in foreign currency. I’ve always used Global Transfer Partners for my international payments, check them out for the best rates I’ve ever been able to find. Scotia ATM in Scotia bank branch in Mexico doesn’t charge withdrawal fee if you withdraw from Canadian or US Scotia account. Same Scotia ATM in convenience store with charge something, and if ATM bears the name of some bank other than your home bank, your fees will be the highest. It’s a standard practice, people who travel often usually know all this.

Questrade account types

HSBC debit cards have no 2.5% fee on foreign transactions. They are the only Canadian bank to do that now that Citibank is gone. Also, if you can find an HSBC machine (which are in many countries), you can avoid the $3? And note that if you withdraw cash from an ATM with any credit card, you have to pay the cash-advance fee, about $7?. However, we need to know which card you’re referring to. We’ll assume you’re talking about the CIBC AC Conversion card, which is the only one that you really “load” with cash beforehand—every other card on the list has a credit limit that will be assigned to you.

You should therefore research and compare the tools available by the top Forex brokers as some are only suitable for experienced day traders. But as my investment account continued to grow, I realized with the amount of money in my account it was a huge positive. I’d rather be forced to call customer service after having fat thumbs a couple of times than someone gaining full access to my accounts. The brokerage, much like any other, charges for wire transfers ($20 for CAD and $30 for USD) and also charges $150 to transfer your accounts to another institution. As you can see, the active trader commissions offer either a $4.95 flat fee, regardless of the amount of stocks traded, or a true penny per share commission system.

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While many online brokers advertise themselves as ‘zero spread Forex brokers’ they may be misleading. Where the zero spread Forex brokers may not charge spread fees on certain currency pairs, they may have much wider spreads on other frequently traded currencies or have high dealing commissions. The basic Questrade platform is a breeze to use and accessible online and via the mobile app. It’s sleek and straightforward and makes adding to your portfolio a snap. As Canada’s low-cost leader, we recommend Questrade to the vast majority of Canadian DIY investors.

It offers some unique advantages that you simply won’t find in other services, such as the flexibility to open a registered account and to transact with American money. With the Questrade online brokerage service, you have the benefit of the lowest commissions in Canada. You’ve got no annual administration fees to pay for your registered plans (RRSP or TFSA).

questrade forex

Client money remains segregated from our funds and will be unaffected in the event of our insolvency. To get started, you’ll need your SIN and driver’s licence. Depending on the account, you may be required to provide other documents. In order to begin investing, you need a minimum of $1,000 in your account. Get insight for your investment strategy with objective news and research from industry leaders like NewsEdge and AutoChartist.

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Just a heads-up that as of some time in the past year or so, the Home Trust Visa no longer pays the 1% cash back on foreign currency transactions. So it is significantly less attractive for travel than before. I.e. compared to a card which pays 2% cashback, but charges a 2.5% foreign currency fee, there is now only a 0.5% advantage, vs the previous 1.5%. In order to empower day traders, CFD Forex brokers often allow leveraged or margin trading which allows individuals to trade with more money than what they currently own. For the service of providing access to Forex markets and essentially lending money to traders, Forex brokers charge account fees, commissions and spread fees in order to make a profit.

X$’s per week or month, so they don’t rely on one days timing. Timing the market perfectly is hard, but you can at least rely on the fact that now is a historically good time. In the case of TD, if you don’t have an All inclusive account, you will be charged $3.00 CDN per withdrawl at a non-TD ATM in Mexico by TD, plus whatever HSBC charges you for the use of their ATM. BitGold is an interesting approach to reducing the exchange rate. If I understand it correcting, it is 1% on buying gold and 1% on converting the selected gold value to any currency of your choice. You can also take a quote you’ve received online and bring it to your branch manager.

We lost almost $500.00 in December because of the high exchange rate. Check currencyfair, which allows you to exchange currency and transfer money internationally through P2P. Since most people who invest have a brokerage account there is an ETF on the TSX to do the conversion of Can$ to US$ and vice versa. Use ATM’s in the alliance and you won’t pay a surcharge or access fee.

Questrade: the best Canadian Forex broker

Some will use all of them, and some might not use any at all. If you’re looking to execute a single trade or look at basic charting, options, or news, the app is amazing. There is still lots of room for improvement – if you’re trying to do any sort of advanced or even basic trading, the mobile app probably isn’t for you. In order to truly see all the features the platform offers, you really just have to download it and play around with it yourself. I’m sure even after 10 years, I missed out on some features I haven’t uncovered. The key advantage of the Questrade IQ Edge platform vs the browser based Questrade Trading platform is the fact you can have multiple displays, or “workspaces” as they call them, available at your disposal.

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But ultimately the differences between the three are quite marginal. All three card processors do charge a slight markup compared to the Bank of Canada’s, with Mastercard’s markup the highest at between 2.45% to 2.61%, depending on the currency exchanged. About Questrade Wealth Management, Inc.Questrade Wealth Management Inc. (“QWM”) provides professional investment management services through Questwealth Portfolios (/questwealth-portfolios).

However, it will be necessary to open an on-line account first with these companies who typically charge about 0.5%. What most people don’t realize is that you can then transfer funds between the Can and US bank accounts in your name even at the same bank address. Regulation of Forex brokers is of the utmost importance as only regulated brokers can be trusted to protect clients’ accounts and funds. Canadians can easily check if the broker they are considering is regulated and licenced locally by checking their regulation status with the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). IIROC is the financial regulatory body in Canada which oversees all investment dealers and trading activity on specific markets in Canada.

While the Home Trust Preferred Visa doesn’t offer 1% cash back on foreign currency transactions as you say, this is not what our article is claiming. According to Home Trust’s website 1% cash back is still offered on all domestic purchases, which is what the article says. It is on this list because there’s no foreign exchange fees on foreign currency transactions, even online, which it still touts on its website.

We instead recommend choosing a credit card based on its features, like its cash back or rewards rates, fees or insurance package (be sure to check out our list of the Best Credit Cards for Travel Insurance). And if you’re a frequent global traveller, waiving foreign transaction fees might be the most important, money-saving feature you should consider above all others. USD credit cards can be useful for those who make frequent trips to the U.S. or make many purchases in U.S. dollars.

Considering Questrade offers multiple commission levels, I’m going to split this section up into its different offerings, as well as basic account fees. I’ll also go over how their Questwealth Portfolios are charged. Choosing an online brokerage is no easy task, and getting tunnel vision when it comes to a particular feature (in most cases commissions), is a huge error many beginners and even advanced investors make. If you’re looking for the cheapest commissions and a platform that caters more to traders, Questrade is best in class.

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