Project Assurance and Risk Management

Project Assurance and Assurance and Risk Management

Creating and protecting value from projects, programs and portfolios through assurance and risk management.

All projects are subject to uncertainty and risk. Projects are often large investments and may impact a variety of stakeholders and systems. In order for projects to be successful and sustainable, it is essential for project professionals to be aware of the processes and tools available to plan, assess and model risks so that project forecasting and decision making is improved. We provide our clients with increased return on investment in projects by first understanding our clients’ values, strategies and risk appetite, and then support clients to ensure that their project assurance and risk frameworks support these goals. Where required, we support teams to improve capability by providing coaching and training in project assurance, risk management and integrated project controls.


The purpose of project assurance and risk management is to:

Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations frequently play an integral part in risk management as WHS governs the regulations behind what is acceptable workplace trend and what is not. At Synchrony, we will assist you navigate through all the needs and responsibilities you as a business owner should adhere to. We will also go beyond compliance and show you how to make your business more lucrative with risk management that makes your company more financially sound with proper financial flow.  

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